Thursday, January 23, 2014

So slow blogging!

Blogging is very known in the whole world. I am one of those who tried to be a good blogger in the blogland. I do, try to search on about blogging but lately I am super lazy at all. Some of my blogger friends had the same feeling. Blogging nowadays is super slow, not much income and advertisers puts on their rate into super duper cheap. 

But one thing more, in blogging you own your time. It is up to you if you will do posting or not. Nobody obliged you to do so. So if you feel not giving on updates then do it. BUT..but... if your blog has no update then it will like be nothing. No visitors and of course no opportunities! I am trying to get back now, since I am free from work but still sleepy though. I will try really, it is time to get back and post updates. So will gonna check on tonight for more updates. I want to check all my blogs one by one too and make some post. 
So if anybody of you noticed that blogging is becoming more slower and slower then we are in the same boat my friend. The only thing to do is to give time and update if you can.

I do hope that blogging will going to rock on soon. 

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