Sunday, February 16, 2014

It’s on the way!

Yesterday Saturday, I ordered online one men’s watch for my brother. I got a coupon discount online and that coupon will expires soon. So I asked him if he wants to avail it. And at first he cannot find the right item that he likes to have. 

His first choice was a pair of shoes but there were no size available for him. So next is this watch. So I ordered it yesterday and got an email that the delivery will be tomorrow Monday. And he is now excited for his new wrist watch. 

Aside from him I am also looking for a watch for my mom as a present for her upcoming birthday so since online is the best way to do the ordering, I am now checking on bulova brand watches for her. So I hope I can find one that fits her taste too. 

By the way, I took a picture copy of the watch that I ordered for my brother. Doesn’t cost much, good enough for everyday use. Good buy with additional 10% discount aside from the coupon I’ve got.

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