Monday, July 28, 2014

Bought a Yukelele!

Last month of April and May, me and my husband were at our first ever vacation together in Philippines. That was really perfect month for us. I got free from work and got no rain that time too! Indeed we had great time together with families and friends and even my old officemates. 

So while on our vacation, shopping is really included! I am thankful enough that my partner is on the go when it comes to shopping. One thing that we did not let the opportunity passed by is to buy a Yukelele, it is a small guitar that mostly played by those who wants to learn how to play guitar easily and of course those who loves music. So since, we want a remembrance too we really bought one Yuke. So we have that one here at home now. 

Another thing is that, my husband wants to buy a real guitar too but because of our long travel, we had doubt that it could not maybe survive for a long travel. So I told and suggest my partner to better check at where we can order online anytime. This is one of the safest way I guess!So hope he can finds one there!

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