Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another season for Norwegian Idol!

Since I came here in Norway I became one of those avid fan of Norwegian Idol every year! Through my partner I am able to follow the Norwegian auditions on TV every season! Actually last year, I even had got the chance to take pictures from the four finalist and it was a great experienced. And this year will be another batch again and it's just started two weeks ago. 

The good thing for this time is that I saw some Filipino's who joined the audition and that is quite interesting. And as of now four of them are into semi-finals. So will hope for the best! And being a fanatic I noticed that this year, most contestant are having their own guitar when singing and it help me pushing through learning on how to play guitar. I cannot wait to check instruments at musciansfriend as their instruments has high quality and durable. A friend of mine loves to shop online on their page and she is very satisfied with the offers. So hope I can do the same as well! 

For those who don't know yet, I want to start now learning to play guitar! So hope this will start very very soon!

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