Thursday, October 16, 2014

Driving or Playing Guitar?

As of now, I am a bit busy on checking my plans that will evolve next year. I want to start right away in driving but at the same time thinking on how to play guitar too! As they said, you cannot have all what you want at the same time. Well, that is right. Just last night I started seriously reading the book for driving, the rules and regulation and of course the teaching on driving. And after that, I tried googling on how to play guitar, quiet crazy one! 

But I guess, I am on the track for my goals. Getting a license in driving is not that easy a lot of requirements is needed and of course dedication and money. While in playing guitar, you need the instrument plus patience in learning the keys. Well, just to start my crazy plans I go directly having good time at Chauvet Q Spot LED 360, this might be the one. This is not that expensive as getting the license in driving right? So can be the first one I will gonna buy! Will hope and see as I love singing and writing on some notes.

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