Thursday, October 16, 2014

Got new job to do this weekend!

I have a workmate who really loves singing and loves music to the highest level. As of this week I have to download forty different disco songs for her mp3. I have usb stick here from her and I have to save it from there. As we agreed that she will pay for the time that I am working on, just same as the last one. This friend is in her 60's but still having good time in music. The weired thing is that she is now also enrolling to a cultural school and learn to play guitar. I asked her, if she is that serious because she is not young anymore to learn playing guitar. As she replied there is no old and age in a person who wants to learn playing guitar. What an answer right? It gives a smile and a courage to do the same on my side. 

Since she is going to enroll into music school I can surely and highly recommend her for the instrument that she can use at musician' I can help her purchasing one as she always ask me for a help when it comes to internet use. She is not the good when it comes to technology. So, surely she will do loving to have her own guitar.

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