Thursday, March 19, 2015

Singing along with the radio!

I was singing together with the radio today while cooking. It was a good timing that they have good songs played. I sing out load since I was just alone here. It was good to sing though I am not a good singer and I am having cold too. Well, no dangerous nobody hears except me alone. Well, I love to sing specially in Karaoke. I hope we can install our karaoke set soon. We have one here but did not able to set it up yet. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, I am in a hurry to take a nap now too as I am heading for a night shift. Hope to find a good nap before working. By the way, before that I stumble at Musicians friend and trying to explore stuffs for music and as usual I want to have my very own guitar. Hmmm... have many wish in mind! Will see if I can have one soon.

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