Friday, April 24, 2015

A bracelet for a therapy

Have you read about having a bracelet for a therapy purposes? Well, I have read this before in an article and a friend of mine told me once about that one too! I thought that it was just a joke or a hoax but today I read another article about this magnetic bracelets for therapy. And I quote: this really maybe works. Who knows, there is no harm in trying and this is not a medicine at all, this is a magnetic bracelet that looks so nice and simple.
The pearls has its meaning. Like for example if you will choose the one that shown above. That bracelet is called Best Magnetic Bracelet - Garnet and Jade Double. And the Garnet is meant to strengthening your physical and emotional bodies. It also brings energy and light into the lower chakras. Plus it brings prosperity and attracts profound love and it strengthens heart, liver, kidneys and thyroid.

Hmmm...sounds so interesting right. I could think of having one like this. The cost is very affordable too!

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