Sunday, July 26, 2015

A house or A Lot?

A friend of mine is now into lot buying. This year she already had two different lots that has been hers. She got money from her husband and invested some of those in buying a lot in Philippines. That was a very good investment. And last friday, we we're in the city and while chit chatting she showed me pictures of the area of those two different location that she bought. And that was pretty nice location. 

And as of that moment she is planning to buy another lot with a house. The house is old and need renovation but the price for the whole package is so cheap. So she told me that maybe she will buy that one if both parties will agree the said amount! 

So investing in house and lot is very smart! 

Btw: We did both got stress in buying some clothes that was on sale in Zara's store. There were lots of folk and we had very short time to roam around the store. But we did some good buys. Anyway, shopping always need a lot of time, specially in a known store like Zara.

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